Maybury Guitars are a celebration of wood, tone and nostalgia !

The woods are selected for their figure and tonal properties and then crafted together with quality hardware components to create truly special one off instruments.

The guitars are typically based around 3 designs the Maybury Arrow, the Off the Shoulder or the Drop Shoulder, with the customer able to specify woods, solid or semi hollow body, pickups, scale length etc. This means that no two guitars are ever the same.

If the customer wants a guitar built around another design such as a Tele, Strat or Les Paul, this is also possible, however there is always a Maybury twist to make it unique.

A solid body guitar starts at £900 and a Semi hollow, £1500 for a standard guitar, obviously these prices increase if figured or exotic woods, binding, bespoke pickups etc are chosen. However there are no hidden charges and you will receive a quote before any work commences.

Each guitar takes between 5 to 20 days of work to build and setup, typically spread across a 6 week build period, with the finish alone taking up to two weeks or so to apply and cure.

During the build process the customer is actively encouraged to engage through out, so that they get the guitar that they are really looking for.


The first Maybury Guitar

This is the first guitar that was made for my son, “The Maybury Arrow”.

It has a solid body made from a reclaimed oak worktop, a 25.5” scale length, 59 Alnico V Humbuckers, a bolt on neck and a wrap around bridge.

Even though it is full scale, it is considerably shorter than most modern electrics making it a very portable guitar.

To this day it’s still my son’s go to guitar, with a uniquely bright but full tone from the oak and Alnico Vs