We are obviously talking guitar pickups, rather than pickup trucks 

Here we have a sample of the standard pickups we use, however this list is by no way exclusive and the joy of having a custom made guitar built, is that we will try to source whatever type of pickup, brand and combination you are looking for.

From our own pickups to Seymour Duncans or custom wound, the choice is yours.


Alnico ii 57s

One of our favourite pickups, a vintage specification wax potted humbucker, with a more moderate output.

Superb clarity and warmth. With a delightful honking mid-range and sweet cleans, they’re suitable for everything from Classic Rock to Jazz.


Alnico v 59s

A classic humbucker pickup, offering timeless tone and subtle warmth with a full, even response.

They produce a dynamic, more powerful, attacking tone with a full bottom-end.

A classic styled pickup capable of grinding, punchy Blues & Rock, and lovely rolled-off cleans.


Alnic0 v PAF

Based on the P.A.F. designs of old, this is another classic pickup, offering timeless tone and subtle warmth.

A classic all-rounder with a quality of tone that you’d expect to hear on Custom Shop instrument.


Hot humbuckers

A Rock and Roll style pickup, with great clarity and warmth, allowing you to drive your amp into it's natural overdrive.

With more treble and bass, but less mids, they offer a tighter response for raucous Rockabilly, R'n'R, Hot Blues and Rock.