This is “The Floorboard” a recycled T-type guitar from our Upscaler range.

This particular guitar forms the second half of a pair of near identical reclaimed Norwegian Spruce guitar bodies, one built out as a recycled Upscaler and one built out as a boutique build

The premise of this build was to show that you can produce an amazing instrument on a budget.

In the spirit of our Upscaler range, wherever possible we have used recycled, reclaimed and re-purposed materials, allowing us to build a budget guitar with a boutique feel, whilst also giving back to the environment.

The reclaimed Norwegian Spruce body was subjected to the Japanese shou-sugi-ban weathering method of burning, brushing and washing, before being finished in Tung oil.

The maple neck is from a MIJ Stratocaster that has had a day’s worth of work put into it, in the form of a fret job and refinish, including custom dot inlays. The neck has been lightly roasted with a blowtorch before getting a final sand and oil so that it matches perfectly with the weathered spruce body.

The control plate and electrics were re-purposed from a Squire Telecaster, but the Green Meanie capacitor had to go and was replaced with a Sprague Orange Drop.

The whole guitar is finished off with re-purposed quality chrome hardware and set of OEM fibre bobbin Alnico IV single coils.

This guitar’s rustic looks shouldn’t fool you, it is truly a beautiful instrument to play.