The Drop Shoulder is another Maybury design that follows the 50s-60s lines of the Off The Shoulder but with a single cut instead of the double.

This particular guitar is a one off semi hollow body with a very different body construction.

As the client wanted front and back striping, but also wanted a hollow body, we had to be creative to maintain the sapele and oak stripes on the front. This meant that body wings had to be created, and only the wings were capped to maintain the look we were aiming for.

This guitar is a bit of a sleeper, the sapele wood gives it a classical look, however the Duncan Solar pickups that are directly mounted to the body give it a very dark tone which is more suited to Hard Rock and Heavy Metal than the 59s or 57s that are the usual pickups in a Maybury Guitar.

A truly unique guitar with a very different sound.

Drop Shoulder.jpg
Drop Shoulder 3.jpg