You wouldn’t believe what this guitar started life as !

When one of my customers picked up there custom build, they proceeded to hand me guitar case saying “See what you can do with this?” the only stipulation was they wanted a 24.75” scale length.

Upon opening the case I discovered an import telecaster that had a nice set of Seymour Duncan 1/4 pounders and a very thick coating of Amber Poly.

After some back and forth with the customer it was decided that rather than building a brand new guitar we would strip it down and see what’s underneath. As you can imagine the electrics were your standard import fair, Chinese min pots and flimsy 3 way switch, but underneath the poly finish was this beautiful two piece Ash body.

An Iron man theme was decided upon, so the body was stained red with a satin finish, which was then topped off with a custom brass Iron Man / Stark Industries pick plate.

All of the electrics were obviously upgraded and it was given a vintage tropical fish capacitor to give it that vintage tone.

Custom made hardware was also added to further enhance the vintage red and gold theme and it was all matched together with a flamed maple 24.75” scale neck with a rosewood fretboard and custom brass and resin markers.

With only the body and the pickups making the cut, the final product it is a true one off custom shop guitar that plays as well as it looks!

red lefty 4.jpg
red lefty 2.jpg
red lefty 3.jpg
lefty 5.jpg