Words cannot adequately describe the visual impact that this guitar has in the flesh!

Built from a single piece of solid Ash with a blue burst front and back, set off with a contrasting dark walnut neck with an ebony fretboard.

Its the small details that really lift this guitar above others, like the aluminium and black resin fret markers, the custom made switch tip, marshal amp knobs and the oversized through body string ferrules.

under the hood it is fully copper lined and is packing high end electrics, with CTS pots an Orange Drop cap and our favourite 3 way switch.

The Tonerider Alnico II Classic Blues pickups, give it a vintage sound with warm trebles and rich mid tones.

The guitar has been finished in a high gloss oil finish, enhancing the grain of the wood and giving it an almost translucent quality.

Left hand Strat 2.jpg
Left hand Strat 3.jpg
Left hand Strat.jpg