In our opinion this is one of the most stunning finishes on a guitar.

This is a one off guitar was built for Joe Richardson aka “everythingjoseph” with the brief of, “I want a blue Stratocaster with one of your weathered bodies!”

Joe was consulted all the way through the build process, given options on wood, components etc and this is where we ended up.

A reclaimed Norwegian Spruce body that was subjected to the shou-sugi-ban weathering method before being stained blue green, copper shielded and topped with a transparent pickguard loaded with CTS Pots an Orange drop cap and Fuente hand wound single coils.

This stunning body was paired with an equally stunning neck made from quilted Sapele with a Tung oil finish. Sporting an Ebony fret board, with jumbo frets and brass and resin fret markers, this neck feels as good as it looks.

The through body bridge paired with Sapele body inserts give this guitar great sustain and when combined with the Fuente pickups this guitar sounds incredible.

Joes guitar 2.jpeg
Joes guitar 6.jpeg
Joes guitar 3.jpg

Joe Richardson playing his custom built Strat