This is “Dante” a custom built boutique T-type guitar.

This guitar forms one half of a pair of near identical reclaimed Norwegian Spruce guitar bodies, one built out as a recycled Upscaler (aka “The Floorboard”) and one built out as a boutique build (“Dante” think Devil May Cry).

The premise of this was to show both ends of the scale of what we can do with the same body but different spends.

Dante has a reclaimed Norwegian Spruce body that has been subjected to the shou-sugi-ban weathering method before being stained with a red dye and finished in Tung oil.

He is loaded with CTS Pots with push/pull out of phase in the bridge position, a .022 Mallory Yellow 150 cap adds some interest to the mix, especially when paired with a set of hot Fuente hand wound single coils.(10k on the bridge 6k on the neck)

A custom built walnut neck with ebony fret board, custom 4mm brass and resin markers, jumbo silver nickel frets, locking tuners and a scratch built brass nut was crafted specifically for this guitar. The neck pairs seamlessly with the through body bridge, compensated brass saddles, and handmade and aged switch tips, knobs and neck plate.

The guitar has the sound to go with its looks, with great tone, attack and sustain, it delivers on what it visually promises.

Dante 2.jpg